Little Kulala, Sossusvlei Desert, Namibia

A welcome oasis situated on the dry Auab riverbed in the Kulala Wilderness Reserve, Little Kulala celebrates the splendour and solitude of the Namib Desert. Excursions to Sossusvlei (via a gate exclusive to Wilderness Safaris vehicles), nature drives, guided nature trails, eco-sensitive guided quad bike excursions and guided electric fat-wheeled bike excursions, explore this fascinating landscape.

Desert-adapted wildlife to be seen on the Kulala Wilderness Reserve includes ostrich, springbok, gemsbok, spotted hyaena, and the occasional brown hyaena. In addition, smaller creatures such as bat-eared fox, black-backed jackal, porcupine, Cape fox, and aardwolf may be seen. One bird, the aptly named dune lark, has its entire global distribution limited to the area.

Inspired by Dead Vlei, the design of the eleven luxury desert suites (ten twins and one family unit), offers improved airflow to the brick and glass accommodation set under thatch. Each suite features a spacious deck, sala and private plunge pool, merging seamlessly into the timeless desert setting.

World-famous Sossusvlei is the name of an enormous clay pan, flanked by a field of famous towering sand dunes that flush red in the early morning sun. Close to the Sossusvlei pan is Dead Vlei, another pan where water once flowed. However, all that remains now are the skeletons of camelthorn trees that reach up out of the cracked earth.

The 37 000-hectare (91 429-acre) private Kulala Wilderness Reserve offers visitors exclusive wildlife-viewing opportunities which include the likes of gemsbok (oryx), bat-eared fox, brown hyaena and birdlife. Sundowner stops in scenic parts of the reserve are a highlight.


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