Xigera Safari Lodge, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Xigera Safari Lodge is located in the Moremi Game Reserve with private access to a 4,500-hectare (11 120-acre) wetland paradise in the heart of the Delta. Situated on one of the Okavango’s key waterways, Xigera Safari Lodge is surrounded by picturesque papyrus swamps and wooded islands and is renowned for its very high density of sitatunga antelope. The area is known for remarkable mammal sightings including red lechwe, spotted-necked otter, elephant, buffalo, reedbuck and tsessebe Predators include lion, spotted hyaena and leopard.

Guests are sometimes treated to close-up views of lion or leopard using the footbridge connecting Xigera to the next island! This concession lies in an International Birding Area (IBA) with many ‘Okavango specials’ being present, including Pel’s Fishing-Owl, African Skimmer, Brown Firefinch, Greater Swamp Warbler, Wattled Crane, African Pygmy Goose and Lesser Jacana.

Xigera Safari Lodge offers guests the freedom to create their own Okavango Delta adventure, which is why we offer a uniquely flexible approach to our daily safari game drives. While there is always the option of an early-morning drive – when the cooler temperatures offer ideal conditions for game-viewing – guests who prefer a slower start to the day, perhaps with a rejuvenating yoga session on the spa deck, may also choose to head out later in the morning.

Guest comfort on safari game drives is paramount. That’s why Xigera Safari Lodge operates a brand-new fleet of custom-built 4x4 vehicles, seating a maximum of both 4- and 6-seats. Especially adapted for the demanding environment of the Okavango Delta, these supremely capable off-road vehicles ensure no sighting is out of reach. Please note no night drives due to Moremi Game Reserve National Park regulations.


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