Tembo Plains, Sapi Private Reserve, Zimbabwe

Tembo Plains, meaning "Elephant Plains" is built in the thick riverine forest on the edge of the Zambezi River, in the private 128,000 hectare Sapi Reserve, which is just east of Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park

Offering six tented suites, Tembo Plains offers guests the choice of 4 double or twin bed configuration suites, each with their own private indoor lounge area and outdoor swimming pool, veranda and outdoor dining area.

What makes Tembo Plains' design genuinely unique is the combination of canvas and stone walls, an architectural reference to the Zimbabwe Ruins. Outside this packstone wall design continues along the back of the guest accommodation, affording guests greater privacy whilst leaving uninterrupted views of Zambezi river flowing just meters away.

Painted dogs (wild dogs), lions and leopards are seen increasingly whilst buffalo, and of course, elephants, which are often seen daily in front of the camp.

Enjoy moments where wildlife congregate along the Zambezi River to drink and marvel at the setting of the African sun through the trees. The safari experiences on offer will certainly appeal to any safari guest who is looking to truly enjoy and partake in the excitement of wildlife viewing game drives, boating and canoeing or tracking and exploring the interior of the private reserve, being one of Africa’s remote wilderness areas.

The reserve has a large array of baobab trees, one of which is believed to be the final resting place for an eclectic mix of personal paraphernalia of Chief Chikwenya including bows, arrows, and spears. The tree itself is estimated to be twelve hundred odd years old and has rotted within providing a voluminous hollow inside the bark walls.

We use custom-built, open Toyota Land Cruisers specially designed for our conditions and photography, including fold-down windscreens, raised roofs, photographic bars, and multi-plug inverters. Each of the Land Cruisers is fully stocked with reference books, drinks, and snacks. Guests have the opportunity to experience up-close encounters with elephants, lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, buffalo, eland, zebra, and other ungulate species.


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